About Us

Christian Sports provides a family friendly, God centered atmosphere for everyone to come, play and enjoy. Though highly competitive sports can bring out attitudes, it also opens up opportunity to talk and pray for those who need it, when they need it.

Our History

Joe Green and his wife Dee had prayed about Joe not coaching the upcoming season of slow pitch (men’s) back in February of 2001. It was final. After 4 years of coaching God was leading Joe to clear his schedule for 2001, so he would not coach this year. One week later Joe got a call from Harvey Johnstone asking him if he would take over the league. After prayer again is was clear that the reason Joe had cleared his summer was to take on commissioner for the league. Dee was on track and the two started putting things in place. Harvey assisted for the first year and in year 2 after running the league as BOCMSL and BOCCSL Harvey Johnstone stepped down. The Green’s would continue to grow the league adding Carded Umpires and providing the chalking and layout of the bases. Team uniforms with corporate sponsors was added in 2016.


We believe that many people try to be pleasant and put on a “church face” when attending church on Sundays. As a direct contrast, when you put a baseball bat in someone’s hands there is a good chance you can see if he’s having a bad day or week. It’s a great time for coaches and team mates to come up beside that person and help. There might be trouble with a job or in a marriage. We encourage everyone to step up and step in to lend a helping hand.


God is the driving force and is first in all we do. He teaches us love. His word is a lamp unto our feet. He guides us and shows us the way. Scripture from His Word helps everyone grow if they open their hearts to it and take the time to read. Our vision is through His eyes and is to give life to others a new life promised by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Our lives here are a path leading to God. The holy Spirit teaches and empowers us as we are all part flesh and part spirit. He lives in us once we accept Jesus Christ as the Son of the living God and our Redeemer. It is our hope to bring as many as want to know him into a loving relationship with God through Jesus.

It has been a great year, with a great spirit of fellowship which has been terrific. One of our outreach players got saved during the ball season which has been a blessing.


I joined Coed Slow Pitch to meet other people from my church. I now have great friends on a bunch of teams from other churches too. My husband and I really enjoy playing every year.


Have a testimony? Please share your experiences with others! Send a quick email and let us know what’s going on.