Coed Slow Pitch Rules

Christian Sports 2024 Season Rules * COED DIVISION

The overall purpose and focus of Christian Sports is to provide a Christian based, fellowship oriented, opportunity to for all who play to enjoy the game of baseball on a social-recreational level.

The rules presented herein are supplemental to the Golden rules of the bible with respect to the expected conduct of a team and each individual player. All rules outlined below will stand above any NSA Rules. The Official NSA Rule Book will stand where no specific Christian Sports League rule is stated below. For the NSA rules click here.

The Home Plate Umpire will have the final say in all matters arising during a game except in the event of an appeal.

Players Rules:

  1. Players must attend a Christian based Bible preaching church, (as defined in our official “terms and conditions“) on a regular basis, 3 out of 5 Sundays, or they will be considered outreach.
  2. Player must be 16 years of age by year end (Dec 31). Minimum age is mandatory.
  3. Home team will open with prayer at the beginning of each game.
  4. Rain out games will not be made up and the scheduled teams will receive one point each (showing a 7 to 7 score). Teams not able to field a team on a scheduled game night will receive a forfeit and the opposing team will be marked as the winner at a score of 7 to 0.
  5. All players must be in the batting order. Players in the batting order do not have to field.
  6. A minimum of seven players are required to field a team.
  7. Games are to start at the time stated on the Game Schedule. In the event of an impending forfeit, a 10-minute grace period will be provided by the Umpire if either team has 6 or less players. If the teams have 7 players, the batting team will provide a back catcher (see rule 8).  A team will forfeit the game upon expiration of the grace period if they have less than 7 players. In the event of a delayed start due to an impending forfeit, the game will not be given extra time and will finish at the regular scheduled time.
  8. If a team has the minimum number of players, the other team will provide a back catcher to make the game a little fairer in the outfield. This rule was put in instead of raising the minimum number of players to 8. The opposing teams provided back catcher will not make plays at home and will not be involved in “live” play for the other team. The “loaned” back catcher’s job is only to return the ball to the pitcher. When the loaned catcher is required to take their turn at bat, another player that has batted recently will take their place.
  9. Stealing is not allowed.
  10. a) Players, managers, coaches, or other team members shall not make disparaging or insulting remarks to or about any opposing players, officials, or spectators, or commit other acts that could be considered unsportsmanlike conduct.
    b) The penalty for violations by a player is prompt removal of the offender from the game and grounds. For the first violation the manager or coach should be given a warning, unless, at the umpire’s discretion, the offender is not deserving of a warning. For a second offense the player is removed from the game. The offender shall leave the playing and bench area immediately without fuss. It will be the umpire’s discretion as to whether the offender is being respectful enough to stay in the bleacher area or if they must leave the grounds entirely. Failure to do as the umpire requests will warrant a forfeiture of the game.
    c) Any player or coach who leaves his/her position on the field, including the dugout, to argue balls and strikes, or to argue whether a batter stepped on or over home plate, will be ejected. These are not questionable or appealable calls. Questioning an umpire on his or her judgement is considered unsportsmanlike.
  11. Players must play 40% of the regular season to be eligible for the final tournament.
  12. An injured player can attend games while injured to count those games for their 40%. The injured player MUST be added to their own score sheet and to the opposing teams score sheet, at the bottom, and marked as injured and pointed out to the opposing coach as to who that player is. The opposing coach is encouraged to meet with the player and discuss the injury with that player as a friendly gesture. The injured player should be included in the opening prayer.
  13. Teams may play with 10 players regardless how many players the other team has.
  14. Players can only play on one team in the Coed league. Players may play on a Men’s team as well as a Coed team.
  15. Teams are allowed a total of 4 players that are a combination of outreach and registered men’s league/city league players with a maximum of 2 men’s league/city league players. Women playing city league are to be counted as city league players.
  16. At least 3 women need to be on the field at all times. Any team failing to have 3 women will start the next inning with one out for every woman missing. The visiting team will start the game with no outs regardless of how many women they have, as they have not yet fielded.
  17. Only 7 men can be fielded at one time.
  18. Sliding into bases is permitted. This is proven to be safer for the players covering a base.
  19. Same gender pitcher and catcher is permitted.
  20. Subs can only play a maximum of 5 games (2 games minimum to qualify for the tournament)
    • rain outs do not count toward subs 5 game maximum or 2 game minimum
    • forfeits do not count toward subs5 game maximum or 2 game minimum
  21. When a male batter is followed by a female batter in the batting order, and the male batter is walked WITH 4 STRAIGHT BALLS and no strikes (4-0 count), the male batter is awarded second base and the female batter due up has the option to either bat or take first base.
  22. Male and Female batters may be placed in any order in the batting lineup. You may have as many male batters in a row as you like.
  23. MERCY RULE: When a team starts an inning behind the opposing team, in runs, they may catch the opposing team and go past them by a maximum of 5 runs. When the batting team starts the inning ahead of the opposing team, they are allowed a maximum of 5 runs for that inning.
  24. Players who attend games with an injury or health concern must inform their coach. The player must inform the umpire that a substitute runner is required, each time they step up to bat. A maximum of 2 runners will be granted a courtesy runner at 1st if the player failed to notify the umpire when they stepped up to the plate. Any further failures to notify the umpire, after the 2 have been granted, including new injuries while running to 1st. The injured player must be replaced and then removed from the rest of the game.
  25. All batters must be able to run for themselves to 1st base.
  26. A batter informing the umpire that a substitute runner is required, cannot round 1st base. In the event that such a batter hits a home run (out of the park) he or she will simply walk off the field to their bench without any requirement to touch 1st base. The home run does count.
  27. A runner will be called safe at home if his/her foot touches the home plate line or makes contact with the ground past the line before the ball is caught by the catcher. The catcher must have at least one (1) foot on home plate. Runner’s scoring cannot touch home plate, or they will be called out.
  28. There will be a maximum of three (3) out of the park Home Runs per game, per team. (Any extra home runs will equal a single and players on base advance 1 base only.)
  29. A strike will be called for every legally pitched ball that hits the plate or the strike mat. Effect: Home plate is included in the strike zone.
  30. Games are a maximum of 7 innings in duration or 1 hour and 15 minutes from the scheduled start time. No new inning can commence with less than 10 minutes remaining. Games will end at the last completed inning. There is a 5-minute grace period before the next game is played that can be used to finish an incomplete inning.

Equipment Rules

  1. BATS: without Thumbprint and BPF 1.20 logo are illegal. ASA certified 2004 have not been allowed for play in NSA since 2017. All bats that were compression tested and certified with the sticker in 2019 will be allowed and legal for use this year. 
    As of January 1st 2013 bats approved for play – made by our approved manufactures – must have one or all of the following logos:
    All bats that were compression tested and certified with the sticker (shown below) in 2019 will be allowed and leagal for use this year.
  2. Each team will receive an official Christian Sports score book and the correct number of new baseballs, for every home game to be played, prior to the season start.
  3. Each team will use the scorebook provided by the league to score every league game that they play in. The scoring in the team’s scorebook is required by the league. It may be called in at any time to verify playoff eligibility, to settle any disputes or for other administrative reasons.
  4. Before the opening prayer, the home team will give the home plate umpire one new 11-inch baseball for the women and one new 12-inch baseball for the men.
  5. Before the opening prayer, the Visiting team will give the home plate umpire one, used and in good condition, men’s and woman’s baseball.
  6. All bases will be supplied by the league and will be put out prior to game start.
  7. Steel cleats are prohibited.
  8. Each team is required to have a first aid kit.

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